CDU response

CDU response

Information on the response of the German federal government and CDU

The corona pandemic has a firm grip on the world. Italy is particularly affected in Europe, but there are now more than a hundred thousand cases in Germany – and the trend is still increasing. The President of the Robert Koch Institute, Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler assumes that 60 to 70 percent of the population will become infected in the near future. However, there is reason to hope, because the disease is very mild for 80 percent of those affected.

The task now is to slow the spread and flatten the curve. Why? The more people are infected, the more difficult the course will be. But this harbors the great danger that doctors and nursing staff are overwhelmed with the care and the health system cannot then withstand the rush. That is why it is so important to slow the course of the spread.

You can visit the COVID-19 response dedicated website here.