Statement on the United States, an exemplary centuries-old democracy that does not admit violence and intolerance

Statement on the United States, an exemplary centuries-old democracy that does not admit violence and intolerance

In addition to the undisputed supreme value of dignity and human life, our institution has among its main objectives the defense of a stable, seamless democracy where the sovereignty of the people is the true engine of a legitimate and unique representation. Therefore, it is necessary and right to condemn the shameful attack perpetrated at the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021, as we understand that such an act was not only an intolerable physical act of violence but also a flagrant aggression against the nation: its rule of law, its democracy and the legitimate electoral decision of its citizens. Furthermore, it is also deplorable when such actions bring about the tragic consequence of the loss of human life. It is an action that expresses intolerance to a system that has shown its vitality and has served as an example to many other nations for almost 250 years.

The authors of this shameful attack must understand that the decision taken by the majority of American citizens in the recent 2020 election is sovereign, indisputable and not to be postponed — and that this popular determination, whether in keeping or not with the political preferences of the aggressors, was the result of a secret, free, universal vote in line with democratic norms and endorsed and confirmed by the electoral institutions responsible for overseeing the results. We therefore believe there should be no delay for the absolute and full restoration of order and the continuity of a peaceful transfer of power. The IDC – CDI urges all citizens, the outgoing as well as incoming administrations and their corresponding institutions, to unconditionally support this process in an orderly manner and in full accordance with the law, without interruption or derogation. We express our hope that the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will be successful and will open new opportunities for the future of American citizens as well as excellent and fruitful relations with the rest of the international community.

The IDC-CDI condemns the tragic loss of human life resulting from the assault. We also send our condolences to the families of the victims.

We also make an appeal to all Americans: that this division of opinions at the root of these attacks not be the cause of further dangerous ruptures to society itself — which, at such a time, must show tolerance, respect and maturity in order to maintain the necessary cohesion and unity.

The IDC-CDI family expresses through this document our maximum respect for, and support to, the American people, including their democratic system, rule of law and Constitution.