Energetic condemns te attack in the city of Beirut

Energetic condemns te attack in the city of Beirut


In the wake of the suicide attacks perpetrated  on 12 November 2015 in Beirut, in which 41 innocent citizens lost their lives, the Centrist Democrat International (CDI-IDC) strongly condemns this vile action undertaken by Daesh.

We express our solidarity with the victims and their families and hope for the speedy recovery of the wounded.

The political parties that are members of the Lebanese CDI remain united in their struggle for civil liberties and the rule of law which must prevail against the senselessness of those who seek to divide us and attack our values and principles through the spread of chaos and fear.

“Dismayed by the recent news about the attacks in Beirut, I wish to join the strong conviction of the civil society to condemn these assassinations. CDI will continue to provide a platform for dialogue with the aim of defending  the democratic principles and values and will always lend its singular support for the Lebanese people in their untiring struggle against all forms of terrorism. The collaboration between the various security forces and corps should continue to be improved to prevent this peril from spreading to other regions of the world,” said Andrés Pastrana, CDI-IDC President.