The IDC/CDI condemns acts violating human rights in Cuba

Cuba · 23 February 2017

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In response to Cuban authorities’ decision to impede an event recognising leading figures who have fought for democracy and human rights in Latin America, the IDC/CDI hereby declares:

1. Its solidarity with the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy and its president, Rosa María Payá, daughter of the democratic activist Oswaldo Payá, in response to Cuban authorities’ decision to prevent the Oswaldo Payá Award ceremony in Havana.

2. Its support for the initiative by young Latin Americans to present an award to former Chilean president Patricio Aylwin, and OAS Secretary Luis Almagro, for their commitment to democracy and human rights.

3. We condemn the decision by Cuban authorities to prohibit the entry into the country of former Mexican president Felipe Calderón, invited to the event, and former Chilean Education minister Mariana Aylwin, daughter of former president Patricio Aylwin, who was to accept the award recognising her father’s work to promote democracy.

4. We express our solidarity with the former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, and with Mariana Aylwin, and support the protests registered by the governments of Chile and Mexico, as the Cuban government’s measure was found unacceptable by these countries, which maintain diplomatic and consular relations with Cuba.

5. The IDC/CDI reiterates its support for the human rights and public liberties of the democratic opposition in Cuba, which carries out a peaceful campaign for the democratisation of the country.

6. The IDC/CDI calls for the immediate release of Eduardo Cardet, the leader of the ODCA and the Christian Liberation Movement, arbitrarily arrested and subjected to a trial not meeting standards of due process.

7. The IDC/CDI joins the voice of Amnesty International, which has described Eduardo Cardet as a “prisoner of conscience,” imprisoned only for “peacefully exercising his right to free expression.”

8. The IDC/CDI reiterates its permanent support for democracy, freedom and human rights in Cuba, and its solidarity with all those dissidents struggling towards these ends.