The IDC-CDI mourns the passing of former President Ricardo Arias Calderón

Brussels, · 15 February 2017

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The IDC-CDI family expresses sorrow upon the passing of former President Ricardo Arias Calderón and offers sincere condolences to all his family.

“This is a big loss for the whole Christian Democratic family of America. President Calderón was a fully committed politician, who shared his ideas with Panama´s citizens and who was a tireless fighter for democracy. We have lost a great thinker and a force for consensus in our political family”, said Andrés Pastrana, current President of the IDC-CDI.

In the same vein, IDC-CDI Executive Secretary Antonio López-Istúriz said that “Calderón was a defender of democratic values and a defender of freedom who contributed by spreading his thoughts, values and centre-democratic ideas in Panama as well as in the broader region. We have lost a great politician as well as a great friend and a good person.”

Ricardo Arias Calderón was President of the IDC-CDI from 1995 to 1998 and from May until October 2000. The IDC-CDI awarded him the Arístides Calvani Prize in 2001 at the Leaders meeting in Mexico. This prize is awarded in recognition of persons who have promoted and defended democracy.

The Centrist Democrat International IDC-CDI, is an organisation of 87 centre-right political parties from 71 countries.