The IDC-CDI approves 10 resolutions addressing main global challenges and warning on antidemocratic regimes

Sal, Cape Verde, · 03 December 2018

The Committee of the International Centrist Democrat (IDC-CDI) adopted 10 resolutions at its meeting held on November, 26 in Sal, Cape Verde. The texts address global challenges such as climate change, security in cyberspace and demographic explosion in Africa. It also denounces serious abuses of Human Rights in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bangladesh and situations of political and social alarm in the Republic of Guinea and Slovenia. Other resolution analyses the Partnership for Political and Economic Relations between Africa and the African countries of the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP-EU).

The IDC-CDI Executive meeting also accepted two new member parties: Bulgaria’s GERB and PKB National Awakening Party from Indonesia.

The President of the IDC-CDI and former President of Colombia, Andrés Pastrana, said: “Due to the wide geographical spectrum that the IDC-CDI family covers, we can know firsthand, through the political leaders of the countries, the issues that concern people around the globe. We live in a world where threats and challenges are common. Therefore, these meetings are crucial in order to work together on joint solutions.

The Secretary General of the IDC-CDI, and Secretary General of the European People’s Party, and Member of the European Parliament, Antonio López-Istúriz, stressed: “The fact that the number of member parties of this organization has increased exponentially in the last years, gives us an idea of the growing importance of the Democratic International. Cooperation among all is key at a time when countries cannot survive in isolation. The meetings of the IDC-CDI are very important forums for discussion and to develop policies. In the EU we take these discussions into account.”

During the meeting, hosted by the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Ulisses Correia e Silva, an International Conference on Terrorism was also held. Experts exchanged views on the new challenges faced by countries in combatting terrorism and stressed the key role that the African continent must play in this matter.

Please find attached the approved resolutions at the following links:

Resolution on Bangladesh

Resolution on climate change

Resolution on Cuba

Resolution on safe and open cyberspace

Resolution on the demographic explosion in Africa

Resolution on ACP-EU

Resolution on the continuing repression in Nicaragua

Resolution on the social and political crisis in the Republic of Guinea

Resolution reiterating the democratic breakdown in Venezuela

Resolution on Eslovenia