• Elections in Mozambique

    Mozambique · 06 December 2014

    In November and December some 50 municipalities held local and mayoral elections in Mozambique. Our member party, the MDM (Democratic Movement of Mozambique), emerged the moral victor in these elections, for which we congratulate its Chairman, Daviz Simango and the entire party on the results attained. The MDM was victorious in three of the country’s…

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    11 October 2014

    Between 2011 and 2012 more than 50 presidential, parliamentary and local elections were held in Africa. Although this could be seen as an indication of the advent of democracy on the African continent, factors such as its meager socioeconomic development, weak institutional capacity, election-associated violence, electoral fraud and military influence on policy have all undermined…

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    20 May 2014

    The member parties of CDI-Africa, in interchange, are happy to acknowledge the candidacy of Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker to the high office of President of the European Commission in the wake of the European elections that will take place on May 25, 2014. Whereas Jean-Claude Juncker is widely recognized as a great statesman, both in his…

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    07 February 2014

    In a moving ceremony, the international Christian Democratic groups hailed Aylwin as the “father of Chilean democracy.” The Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA) and Centrist Democrat International (CDI) rendered tribute this morning to the ex-president of Chile, Patricio Aylwin, for his contribution to the restoration of democracy and freedom in Chile. The act, held…

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  • Rwanda: CDI says the jail sentence of Victoire Ingabire shows disrespect to democracy and fundamental freedoms in the country

    Brussels · 16 December 2013

    Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire was sentenced last week to eight years in jail. The President of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), Pier Ferdinando Casini, made thefollowing statement: “The conviction of Victoire Ingabire is the result of an arbitrary and politically motivated trial. The basic principles of the rule of law such as fairness have…

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  • CDI mourns the death of EPP President Wilfried Martens and remembers his legacy in advancing the EU and the European center-right

    Brussels · 10 October 2013

    The President of Centrist Democrat International (CDI), Pier Ferdinando Casini, today mourned the passing of the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Wilfried Martens, who was also vice president of the CDI, and expressed his condolences to his family .”President Martens has been one of the most important European political leaders of the second…

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  • Christian-Democratic Party of Cuba (PDC)

    Brussels · 25 July 2013

    At the request of the Christian-Democratic Party of Cuba (PDC), we wish to bring to your attention the following information: Four days ago, Mr. Jesus Alexis Gomez, a Cuban exile in Miami, started a hunger strike to protest against physical abuses inflicted by Bahamian authorities against Cuban, Haitian and other Latin American citizens seeking refuge…

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  • Venezuela: CDI calls for a vote recount to avoid political uncertainty (EN+ES)

    Brussels · 22 April 2013

    The President of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), Pier Ferdinando Casini, today called for “a recount of the votes in the elections held in Venezuela last Sunday to clear the current situation of political uncertainty in the country.” “Given the close result between the two main candidates and the allegations of incidents and irregularities on…

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  • EPP Congress adopts new party platform, political manifesto, resolutions; elects new Presidency

    Bucharest · 18 October 2012

    The European People’s Party (EPP) has concluded its two days Congress in Bucharest, Romania, with the adoption of its new ‘Party Platform’, its new political ‘Manifesto’, and 14 resolutions (all documents available at epp2012.eu – photos at flickr.epp.eu). The EPP also held its Summit of heads of state and government and party leaders to prepare…

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  • Draft speech by PF CASINI for CDI Leaders Meeting

    Rome · 21 September 2012

    Dear friends, I am extremely proud and honored to welcome you to my country. I am grateful to the Presidents and Prime Ministers who have come today to celebrate this gathering of leaders of the Centrist Democrat International, and I thank them for showing their willingness to participate in our discussion. [Rajoy, Kenny, Berisha, Samaras,…

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