• Main centre-right parties denounce the situation in Venezuela and demand a democratic transition

    Brussels · 28 October 2016

    Brussels. 28-10-2016. The Centrist Democrat International (IDC-CDI) and the International Democrat Union (IDU) have denounced today in a joint statement, the situation of political, social and economic crisis facing Venezuela demanding that the country´s government guarantee the freedom of the citizens, respect for the rule of law and freedom for all political prisoners. The declaration,…

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  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde · 21 September 2016

    In Cape Verde our member party, Movement for Democracy, MPD, has scored another big victory in the last municipal elections, held at the beginning of September, winning in 19 out of 22 municipalities.   This victory followed that obtained in the legislative elections held last March, in which it secured a commanding absolute majority, allowing…

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    Gabon · 09 September 2016

    The IDC-CDI, Centrist Democrat International, as well as the entire international community, is shocked by the riots and clashes that have taken place in Libreville and Port-Gentil after the publication of the results of the presidential elections.   President Ali Bongo was the winner, with 49.80% of the vote. His opponent, Jean Ping, had 48.23%,…

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    Luanda, Angola · 26 August 2016

    The Leadership of UNITA rejects, in the strongest possible terms, the statements of Mr. Rui Fernandes, a member of the Portuguese Communist Party’s Political Commission, made in reference to UNITA, while addressing the MPLA’s VII Congress held in Luanda. UNITA reminds the national and international public, that the Portuguese Communist Party was the main architect…

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  • The Centrist Democratic International condemns the political situation in Nicaragua and Venezuela

    Brussels · 08 August 2016

    Brussels, 8 August 2016. The Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI), chaired by former President of Colombia Andrés Pastrana, has today condemned the political situations and lack of civil and democratic freedoms in Nicaragua and Venezuela. In its Resolution, the IDC-CDI warns of “new kinds of authoritarianism” exerted by some leaders who, acting on a mandate of “initial…

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  • The Democratic Charter, the OAS and Venezuela

    Spain · 11 July 2016

    “The OAS must demonstrate today whether its Democratic Charter is a strong instrument, to defend the principles of democracy, or whether it is just something on file in the organization’s archives. It is all up to you.” Thus began OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro his presentation on Venezuela last Thursday before the Permanent Council. He…

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  • Acción Nacional got a historic success in Mexican elections

    Mexico · 10 June 2016

    Last June the 5th, local elections were held in Mexico, in which Acción Nacional (PAN) got a historic triumph due the win in seven out of twelve state governments and important cities.  In its history, the political party just had won three governments in a race, but on Sunday broke its own record and will…

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  • Press Release Executive Committee Lisbon

    Lisbon, Portugal · 16 April 2016

    Rise of populism and terrorism addressed at the CDI meeting in Lisbon.   Lisbon, 15 of April 2016. The Centrist Democrat International (CDI) held today its executive committee in Lisbon. The meeting was chaired by the former President of Colombia Andrés Pastrana and the CDI Secretary General Antonio López-Istúriz. The discussions focused on the challenges…

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  • Terrorist attack in Belgium

    Belgium · 23 March 2016

    Once more we witness the senseless violence perpetrated by Daesh’s Islamic terrorists and killers, who unleashed a tragedy in Brussels, the EU capital, on 22 March. These attacks are directed at all Europe’s citizens, our values, and democracy.   All the IDC-CDI’s member parties share the pain of the families and victims, and wish to…

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    Cape Verde · 21 March 2016

    On Sunday the 20th legislative elections were held in Cape Verde. Our party, MpD, Movimiento para la Democracia, won an absolute majority, with 39 seats in a 72-member Parliament. It was an unprecedented victory, with victories in every district but one. Party President Ulisses Correia, currently the mayor of the capital, Praia, and the President…

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