López-Istúriz calls on the European Parliament to condemn the latest attacks on Venezuelan deputies

Strasbourg · 06 July 2017

Today PP MEP, Secretary-General of the European People’s Party (PPE) and IDC-CDI Executive Secretary Antonio López-Istúriz called on the European Parliament to condemn “the bloody events” transpiring in the last few hours in the Venezuela’s National Assembly.

López-Istúriz spoke at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where he decried that deputies of the Venezuelan assembly “were violently attacked during their legitimate exercise of popular representation by uncontrolled mobs linked to the chavista regime.” He also lamented that in three months 91 people have died as a result of violence in the streets of Venezuela.

“Perhaps it is time to consider a clear action and to request sanctions against the Venezuelan regime so that it is understood, so that they understand, once and for all, that here in Europe we stand for freedom and democracy, and with the deputies of the Venezuelan Assembly,” López-Istúriz stated.