IDC-CDI calls for the immediate release of Eduardo Cardet, prisoner of conscience in Cuba

Brussels · 03 February 2017

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Eduardo Cardet, national coordinator for the dissident Christian Liberation Movement is being held captive in Cuba since 30 November 2016.

Eduardo Cardet is a prisoner of conscience. “No man or woman should be put in jail for his or her ideas and political beliefs” said the President of the Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI) and Former President of Colombia Andrés Pastrana who qualified the situation in Cuba as “alarming” with more than 80 prisoners of conscience. The detention of Eduardo Cardet shows a “political will to muffle any critic of the Cuban government”. The IDC-CDI defends democracy and freedom for every people and “it will not let the lack of liberties of the Cuban people go unnoticed”. The IDC-CDI calls for the immediate release of Eduardo Cardet who is in jail under fictitious ground.

As Europe and the United States seem to be normalizing their economic and diplomatic relations with the Cuban regime, “the freedom and the rights of all Cuban people, regardless of their opinions and beliefs, must be protected by the Cuban government which is doing exactly the opposite,” said IDC-CDI Executive Secretary Antonio López-Istúriz. “We demand political freedoms, respect for human rights and the immediate release of all political prisoners in Cuba as a precondition for the relations to normalise,” concluded Antonio López-Istúriz.

The IDC-CDI has been following very closely the situation in Cuba and expressed several times concerns about the attacks of the Cuban regime against freedom.

Read here our latest resolution on Cuba.

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