Declaration of the IDC-CDI’s support for Roberto Enríquez, two years after he took refuge in the Chilean Embassy in Caracas

Bruselas · 11 April 2019

Whereas Roberto Enríquez’s two-year confinement within the grounds of the Embassy of Chile – a country that granted him asylum and guaranteed protection of his personal integrity – represents a serious violation of human rights.

Whereas the persecution and accusations to which he has been subjected are completely unfounded and he has proven that their only purpose is to hinder his continuous and relentless fight for democracy and human rights in Venezuela.

Whereas he has distinguished himself by his democratic and exemplary behaviour throughout his political and professional career.


  • Offers its full support and solidarity to Roberto Enríquez, Chairman of COPEI, an IDC-CDI member party, and Vice-President of the Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA).
  • Reiterates that his personal sacrifice is an example of coherence, of loyalty to his ideas on the defence of democracy and the rule of law, and that it symbolises the fight for Venezuela to quickly find its way back to the path of democracy.