SAL, CAPE VERDE · 26th and 27th of November

As planned, on the 26th and 27th of November we held, on the island of Sal (Cape Verde) three important IDC/CDI meetings: an Executive Committee, the General Assembly and a conference on terrorism. There was also a Leaders Meeting of the IDC.Africa regional organisation.

These meetings were presided over by the President and the Secretary General of the IDC-CDI, Andrés Pastrana and Antonio López-Istúriz, respectively. At them international issues were analysed, as well as matters of interest to the organisation.

Attending were 86 political leaders from member parties, from 37 different countries, on practically every continent, demonstrating our organisation’s significant activity and relevance.

Among the key points discussed was the approval of 10 resolutions of great political importance, which can be viewed on this web page. The GERB party (Bulgaria) and the PKB (Indonesia) were also admitted as members, joining the approximately 100 member parties from more than 75 countries.

Another important point, unanimously approved, was the definitive bylaws of the IDC-CDI’s youth organisation, which will enter into force shortly.

The conference on terrorism, in which experts from various countries participated, drew large numbers, as this is a subject of great interest to all.

Also, our IDC.Africa regional group held a Leaders’ Meeting. On hand were the Prime Minister of Cape Verde and the President of the regional organisation, as well as the Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, among many other African political leaders. There was also a strong presence of African and other IDC-CDI regional organisations.

Important and timely African issues were addressed and relevant decisions were taken that will undoubtedly mark an important step forward for the African regional organisation. The bylaws of the Pan-African Popular Group were approved, which will defend the interests of our member parties in the Pan-African Parliament, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Progress was also made on the implementation of the organisation for young Africans, which will be a member of the IDC-CDI international group specifically for young people, bound to promote important activities for young people and to get them involved.