• The situation of Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia discussed at the Executive Committee of the IDC-CDI in Budapest

    Budapest · 16/02/2018

    Accession of 12 new member parties approved

    The situation of Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia discussed at the Executive Committee of the IDC-CDI in Budapest

    The meeting also addressed terrorism and respect for the rule of law

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  • Executive Committee Malta

    Malta · April 3, 2017

    As was agreed to at the previous Executive Committee held in January in Brussels, on 30 March we held an important Executive Committee meeting in Malta, during the last part of the European People’s Party Congress, which was a great success, with many Heads of State and Government in attendance, along with top-ranking European Union representatives.

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  • Executive Committee Brussels

    Brussels · February 3, 2017

    On 26 January we held the first Executive Committee of 2017 at the headquarters of the European Popular Party, in Brussels, with a large turnout.

    On hand were President Andrés Pastrana, Executive Secretary Antonio López-Istúriz, First Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, former Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Jansa, Lebanese President Amine Gemayel, and a significant number of leaders from all the regional divisions where we are active.

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    Lisbon, Portugal · 15 april de 2016

    As planned, on 15 April the IDC-CDI held this year’s first Executive Comittee Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

    In addition to the Committee’s members, participating as guests were all those who attended the Regional IDC.Africa event the day before, as well as Regional Asia parties.

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  • Executive Committee IDC.Africa

    Lisbon, Portugal · 14 April 2016

    On 14 April the IDC.Africa Regional organisation held its Leaders Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, with the vast majority of our African parties attending.

    It was an important meeting at which new parties were accepted as members: from Malawi, the Malawi Congress Party; from Botswana, the Botswana Patriotic Front; from Kenya, the Wiper Democratic Mouvement Kenya; and from Guinea Conakry, the Parti de L’espoir pour le Development National.

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  • Conference in the Parliament of Cape Verde of the Movement for Democracy MPD

    Cape Verde · 16 February 2016

    On 30 January the Movement for Democracy party (MpD) in Cape Verde organised a conference in the Parliament in order to present its electoral platform, with a view to the upcoming elections on 20 March.  The turnout was strong, with international guests and the General Secretary of the IDC/CDI and of the PPE, Antonio López-Isturiz present via video, supporting the candidacy of Ulisses Correia, president of the party and candidate for Prime Minister.

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  • 12th Congress of UNITA,ANGOLA

    Angola · 16 December 2015

    From 3 to 5 December General Coordinator Alberto Ruiz Thiery, on behalf of the IDC-CDI, attended the 12th Congress of our party, Unita, in Angola, with the event practically coinciding with the 50th anniversary of its foundation, which will be observed next year.

    At the Congress the party’s new officials, and its President, were elected for a four-year term.

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  • IDC-CDI met with ex president Felipe Calderon.

    México · 10 Julio 2015

    At the last Leaders Meeting , held in Mexico City, the IDC-CDI met with the former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, in an interesting encounter addressing affairs related to the Meeting, and other issues, and concluding with this informal family photo.

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  • Leaders Meeting in Mexico

    Mexico · 9 and 10 July 2015

    On 9 and 10 July we held the Leaders Meeting in Mexico, as well as this year’s second Executive Committee Meeting.

    It was an important event, with participation by 56 parties from all the regions where we are present, now encompassing almost every corner of the world. 

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  • Executive Committee Brussels March 2015

    Brussels · 1 de March 2015

    On 1 March, in Brussels, Belgium, we celebrated the first Executive Committee of the year. It was an important meeting at which important decisions were made on subjects affecting our organization, and an analysis was undertaken of the future towards which we wish to take the IDC-CDI in the coming years, to be a focus at future meetings.

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