Women active participation in politics is essential
to the development of their own countries


In the late 70s, women in several European and Latin American parties regarded their active participation in national and international politics as essential to the development of their own countries and to political life in general. They decided to group together in an international women’s movement which gave rise to the World Women’s Union in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1978.

A meeting was subsequently held in Rome in 1979 to decide on the mission statement and operating principles delineated in the ROME CHARTER. The group’s current name is the Centrist Women’s Democrat International. During the 90s, important work was carried out not only in Latin America but also in the countries of eastern Europe, following the fall of the Berlin Wall, to aid in the emancipation of women since their status greatly limited their political activity.

In recent years the CWDI has taken part in initiatives of the European People’s Party’s women’s wing and has succeeded in widening its scope of action into the African continent. Female European representatives made major contributions to the drafting of the “Family Rights” implemented by the Moroccan governments a few years ago.

More recently we have been working on an itinerant system of vocational and health training for women. The CWDI is constantly working on everything related to women’s issues and their activities, their environment and their needs, both in the social and political fields as well as in terms of economic development.