Executive Meeting (Zoom) on 1st October 2020

Executive Meeting (Zoom) on 1st October 2020

The Centrist Democratic International calls for unity and compliance with the rule of law around the world

Brussels, 2 of October of 2020

The Executive Committee of the Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI) met yesterday by videoconference to discuss current issues in the five continents with particular concern about the situation in Belarus and Venezuela .

Chaired by its President, the former Colombian president, Andrés Pastrana and its Secretary General, the Secretary General of the EPP, Antonio López-Istúriz, it had representatives of 37 parties from 37 countries around the world. Attendees approved 19 resolutions reflecting the deterioration of democracies and denounced the decline of human right .
The President of the IDC-CDI, Andres Pastrana, spoke about the time of pandemic and called on all governments “to spare no resources in the fight against coronavirus; to take an inclusive approach without discrimination, being able to convey to citizens the efforts being made to mitigate the effects of the pandemic both in terms of health and economy”. In addition, he advocated for the need for a state pact “to which international solidarity efforts are added. We are all necessary, without exception”.
Pastrana made a strong defence of the rule of law and warned of the dangers of populist governments that are taking advantage of the lockdown, using mechanisms to corner the opposition and attack human rights. It is a danger to democracy that populist and radical left movements take advantage of the pandemic to present demands to the state, even using violence. Instead of helping to find solutions, they are attempting to delegitimize the systems. Latin America is a clear victim of these movements,” he said.
He also expressed support and solidarity with the President of the Region of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the Mayor of the city, José Luis Martínez Almeida in the face of the harassment to which they are subjected by the government of Spain, which is using the pandemic to play politics.
The Secretary General of IDC-CDI, Antonio López-Istúriz, assured that “our values are being attacked, the world is surrounded by authoritarian regimes that generate instability, causing war and conflicts. Our duty is to report it. We must be united. Only through unity will we succeed and be able to confront authoritarian regimes and dictatorships, like Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus, Turkey , China and Russia” he said.
In addition, he referred to the 19 approved resolutions “all in line with our way of thinking and values.”
Among other issues, the meeting addressed the explosions in the port of Beirut last August, denouncing foreign interference in the country and Hezbollah´s control of the Government , called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to put an end to hostilities in Nagorno Karabakh, the constant attacks on Greece and Cyprus by Turkey were denounced, strong support was shown for the democratic opposition in Venezuela, Cuba and Belarus and hope

expressed that the Agreements signed by Israel with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrein are an important step for peace and stability in the region.
The texts of the resolutions can be seen at the following link: https://t.co/Q0wCwPdKdT?amp=1

Note to editors
The International Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI) is a centre-right organisation composed by 94 political parties from 73 countries all over the world.

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