A letter from Kurdistan: Out fight against terror

A letter from Kurdistan: Out fight against terror

Kurdistan is currently fighting a terrorist-state that holds a crop of highly-trained militants, with enhances and sophisticated weapons that were obtained when they seized control of the Iraqi city of Mosul. During their occupation, ISIL fighters unearthed modern American artillery that was initially purchased by the Iraqi government to defend the city, but, unfortunately, the Iraqi soldiers did not put up any resistance and surrendered within minutes of ISIL’s incursion. As well as obtaining weapons, the fighters also took control of many financial institutions within the city – which resulted in empowering their monetary status.

Afterwards, the ISIL fighters advanced toward the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and attacked several villages and towns. They are now trying to undermine the stability and security in the Kurdistan Region by attacking communities and townships outside the region that have Kurdish inhabitants – most notably, the town of Sinjar. However, with simple weapons, the responses of the Peshmerga have been valiant, managed to push back ISIL fighters, and distorted their strategies and their dreams of seizing Kurdistan territory.

The ISIL fighters are committing the most atrocious crimes against humanity, slaughtering many children, women, the elderly, The Sinjar incident, where most citizens are Yezidis, is where almost all of the crimes occurred. The women were raped and taken to other areas and sold into slavery. They also placed the citizens of Sinjar, whom fled to Mount Sinjar under siege and prevented any food, water, or medicine to reach the Yezidis. Many of the Yezidis were told to join Islam, or be killed. Their prisoners were killed. They asked the residents of the villages and towns to flee their homes, as they did with the Christians. Many of the Yezidis, and the Christians, have sought refuge in Kurdistan – where security and stability draws over 1.5 million refugees.

The Kurdistan Regional Government, and the people of Kurdistan, have always welcomed the refugees, despite the inability of the KRG to accommodate the increasing numbers. This has been hindered by the Iraqi government’s blockade on the budget of Kurdistan. The economic situation of Kurdistan has faltered, and the conditions are very tough, but still, the KRG and the people have not failed to provide accommodation and food for the refugees.

Kurdistan, today, is fighting terrorism on behalf of all nations that adhere to democracy, as ISIL is not just a threat to Kurdistan, but to the whole world.

Kurdistan needs the support and the assistance of the international community. Kurdistan needs humanitarian aid. Kurdistan needs modern armaments.

Kurdistan is a region of peace, with peaceful coexistence, that fights against terrorism

All the Best
Sherko Habeb Mr On behalf of Kdp Fro